Get out the way, mind!

Some thoughts on transcending the mind/ego for heightened creativity.

Every day for 20 years I would say, 'what am I gonna do next?' That's how I ask for inspiration. I don't have any ideas myself. I have a vacant mind, you know; in order to do exactly what the inspiration calls for. And I don't start to paint until after I have an inspiration. And I make up my mind not to interfere. Every new thing in the world is come upon by inspiration. 

You can't think about beating the rest of them, or something like that, when you're painting, because you have to keep a clear picture in your mind. The only thing you can think about painting is that you want the painting. You see we get everything we want, so you have to keep in mind (the painting). And you want it to appear to other people. That's all I think when I'm painting. Don't think any other thoughts. And the worst thing you can think about when you're working-at anything-is yourself. You start thinking about yourself and it stands right in the middle, in front of you, and you make mistakes.

Interview with painter Agnes Martin

Robert LanzettiComment